...A Unique Christian FM Network  for the Americas

      - Selected inspirational programs for the family
      - Character building programs for children
      - Outstanding Bible teaching
      - Health features
      - Religious news from around the world
      - Beautiful traditional Christian music

For a heavenly atmosphere in your home,
car and office keep tuned!

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NOTE:  RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE - AMERICAS is completely seperate and independant from RADIO 74 - EUROPE, legally, financially, fiscally and in terms of control and programs broadcast.  Neither network is controlled or financed by any particular church, denomination, religious or any other organization.  Neither does RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE own, finance, or directly or indirectly control or intervene in an affiliate local radio station's choice of programming.  Local FM affiliate stations are the masters of what they decide to air or not air.  Consequently, certain affiliates only re-broadcast portions of programming offered by RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE.  Check with your local FM station for their schedule.

rogramming on RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE - AMERICAS is uniquely for the Americas
.  It does not contain the same music and speech content as RADIO 74 - EUROPE which is obligated by French licensing authorities to broadcast a certain amount of secular music, news and cultural programs.   RADIO 74 - EUROPE is heard on the web.  RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE does not yet stream on the web.